This way you will fall asleep faster than ever


All those late night ideas and thoughts are great, of course, but that timing… Super annoying when you just want to go to sleep, but your head won’t let you. One idea after the other pops up in your head and keeps you from sleeping. Let us help you: this life hack you won’t let those precious ideas go to waste and you will fall asleep faster than ever.


When your mind keeps you from sleeping, the solution is actually really simple: take notes of all the ideas and thoughts that are going on in your mind. It might sound a little lame, but it really works! After taking notes, all there will be left in your head is peace and quiet.

Old school

When we say writing down, we really mean writing down: with a pen on some paper. Why not make a quick note in your iPhone? The light (and radiation) of your phone gives your head the idea it isn’t night yet, causing that your head won’t create the hormone that makes you feel sleepy. Bye bye good night of sleep!


To keep your head from spinning once you are finally in bed, put on some music. Preferable really soft music like slow jams, classical music, instrumentals or whatever you find relaxing. The sounds of the music will distract your mind from the things you were thinking about. If your mind doesn’t get distracted easily, put on music with lyrics. Listen very carefully to the lyrics: that focus is like counting sheep. You will be fast asleep before you know it.

Funny fact: I am actually writing this article because my mind won’t stop throwing ideas at me (even though it is 2 a.m.). Well, I am done taking notes now and ready to hit the play button!

Three playlists on Spotify that might do the trick for you:
Love, Sex & Water
Bedroom Jams
Lazy Sunday Music

Pssst… Don’t forget to put the brightness of your screen on the lowest level when scrolling through Spotify!

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