The TTribe is a community for young, ambitious women from all over the world with one thing in common: a passion for becoming successful. Are you ready to work on your dreams and goals daily, together with other like-minded women?


Mission of the TTribe

The mission of the TTribe is helping you discover, define and reach your dreams and goals on a more serious level. In the community, we share valuable life lessons we have been taught by various multi millionaires and life coaches. With that information you will be able to work your way up step by step, in order to reach your full potential on a personal and financial level. Also, being part of our community allows you to connect with amazing like-minded women.

Good fit?

The TTribe is not for everyone. To see if you are a good fit, go through the checklist. Could you check off most of the boxes? Than this community is definitely something for you!

☐ I am a young woman (18-30) and I want to reach my full potential.
☐ I am motivated to work on my dreams and goals daily.
☐ I am ready to get involved and to participate actively in the group.
☐ I am open to new knowledge, even when it is against my beliefs.
☐ I will contribute to this community with positive vibes only.
☐ I am ready to change my current beliefs, habits and attitudes
☐ I will not judge other members in the group.
☐ I will help others to grow whenever I can.
☐ I will encourage and support other members.
☐ I truly want to be part of this family.
To determine if you really are a good match for the TTribe, we will evaluate your membership two weeks after you joined us and decide whether you will remain being a member or not. Why? We want our community to be a safe and happy place for women that want to grow and learn daily. This is only possible when every member participates and gives 110%. Also, there is a lot of valuable knowledge in this group. We are more than happy to share that with you, but only if you give back your energy.


 Be involved and participate 
 Give and receive 
 Support and encourage

 Share your successes
 Help others grow 
 Believe in every dream
 Connect with other members
 NO negativity 
 NO victim roles
 NO spectators 

 NO judgement

 NO self promotion or poaching
 NO sharing TTribe content somewhere else

Above all, our community is a positive and safe place to grow, learn and connect!