See me rocking it | Self-designed paper bag

Zelfontworpen handgemaakte paperbag zilver

TORNADEAUX Magazine designed a bag in collaboration with This Bag Is Not For Sale. This was announced a while ago, and now the end result is finally up. It is a practical and outstanding design: a black paper bag, with silver and grey details. Hereby we proudly present the handmade bag!

More about the collaboration with TBINFS >>

Zelf ontworpen paperbag - zilver - grijs

Look - Fashion - Witte winterjas

Zelfontworpen handgemaakte paperbag zilver

Fashion - Outfit: witte winterjas, zonnebril, kanten choker - See me rocking it

Zelf ontworpen paperbag - zilver - grijs - Fashion - Look - Witte winterjas


Kanten choker - witte winterjas - lachen

Self-designed bag

Super exciting, to design something myself. I pretty much knew right away what I wanted: something practical, unique and outstanding. Jim from TBINFS and I decided a paper bag was probably the most practical design. Literally everything – from a laptop, to clothes and a whole bunch of nonsense we women like to carry along with us – fits in there. To decide on the colors of the bag was a lot harder. Personally my style is pretty neutral when it comes to colour, but I do like flashing details. Eventually we came up with a combination of black with silver and grey, and it sure is flashing!

Combined with…

To combine a bag with silver details is actually super easy. It practically goes with everything, except with golden looks. Lots of gold with a silver bag is not really a match made in heaven. In this look I combined the bag with a basic outfit: black on black, with white. The white wintercoat stands out in the look, just like the silver details of the bag.

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This post was partly made possible by This Bag Is Not For Sale
Pictures by Janne from Radiate Fashion


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