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Young, passionate and super talented: a short description of the fashion designer Rachelle Davida Manuputty. Only 22 years old and she’s already got her own atelier, interns working for her and completed a whole bunch of awesome assignments. We went to visit her to get to know everything about her brand Rachelle Davida.

About Rachelle

Rachelle has been passionate about fashion design ever since she was a kid. She was raised surrounded by her granny and aunts always making clothes. Because of that, Rachelle has always known what she wants in live. Therefore choosing a degree was a piece of cake: when she was sixteen years old, she started studying to become a specialist in tailor-made clothing in The Hague.

How it all started

Right before Rachelle graduated two years ago, her career started off as a dream. She was selected by her school as the most outstanding student of 2015. She represented her school during the national elections, where all the selected student from the Netherlands battled for the title. She presented her very first collection, named Zipp-it. By earning a wildcard, Rachelle made it to the finals where she ended as the number four of the Netherlands. You go girl!

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Her career as a fashion designer

After Rachelle graduated, she decided to go big: she founded her own brand and got her own atelier. Her brand Rachelle Davida became successful pretty fast because all of her hard work. She got super exciting assignment for Marlies Dekkers and Hair Hour among others. Also, she presented her work during her first fashion show at the Kwaku Festival 2016 in Amsterdam.


One specific source of inspiration is not what Rachelle has. ‘In fact, I just get inspired by my life. Everything that happens to me and the people that surround me inspire me. But I also find nature, music, Moluccan dance and my passion inspiring.’

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Ultimate dream

What the young fashion designer wants most in life, is to have her own shop. ‘It would be amazing if people could just walk into a shop that I own and run!’ There is one thing she never wants to lose with her brand tho: the exclusivity. That means a definite ‘no’ to mass productions. You will just find unique tailor-made clothing in the future Rachelle Davida shop.

Advice from Rachelle

Rachelle’s love for fashion design developed in such an early stage in her life, that she knew for sure she wanted a career as a fashion designer. If you don’t have any idea what you want in life yet, keep the following wise words from Rachelle in mind: ‘choose a working field that suits you perfectly, because only then you’ll impress others. It is never too late to expand your horizon, to discover your interests. Experiment until you know for sure what you want. Take your time to find your way and don’t try to rush it.’

Check out some of Rachelle Davida her tailor-made clothing HERE!


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