O’right Recoffee Shampoo: tree in a shampoo bottle


O’right is one of the biggest companies in the world of beauty, when it comes to sustainable practices. And that is now more obvious than ever! They produced a shampoo out of recycled coffee. And on top of that, they made sure that you can grow a tree (!) out of that shampoo bottle. So… Coffee addicted and always wanted a tropical bathroom? Then Recoffee Shampoo is the dream!

Coffee addicted world

Good chance you enjoy a cup of coffee on a daily base, and you are definitely not on your own. All people in the world together consume about 400 billion (!) cups of coffee a day. So that also means that every day there is a huge pile of sediment left. And in that coffee sediment, O’right saw potential.

Coffee as beauty product

It appeared that the oil, that’s inside of the coffee sediment, has an amazing effect on hair. It contains UV-filters, so it provides for a protection against the sun and the heat of your blow dryer. Besides that, the oil has a strong anti-aging characteristic and it allows the colour pigments to remain longer. So less hair loss and dyed hair that stays pretty much longer. Winning!

Pssst…. Want fleeky lashes as well as pretty hair?

Fleeky Lashes

A tree in a bottle

The bottle of the shampoo is made out of the remaining fibres of the coffee sediment. Because of that, the bottle is compostable. O’right saw more potential: they decided to put seeds in a small cup in the bottom of the bottle. You could plant the bottle in your garden and a tree will be growing out of it!

Limited durability

Keep in mind: the bottle was made out of a compostable product, that causes a limited durability. Make sure you plant the bottle within six months, unless you prefer some kind of jungle in your bathroom. So tropical!

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