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Oh dear… Another day looking like a raisin filled scone. There’s a big chance you know the feeling: those days on which it seems you have more zits than clear skin. When you look in the mirror and get frustrated with the latest break-out, you might realize you have no-one to thank for those zits but yourself and your unhealthy eating habits from the last couple of days. Food and beverages don’t only influence the numbers on the scale, it also affects what your skin looks like. Food that makes the scale tip over, doesn’t make your skin happy either. How can you please your body and skin? A healthy and natural detox does the trick!

Drink loads of water

When you drink at least 2,5 litres of water a day, your body will be completely hydrated. This gives your kidneys the opportunity to cleanse your blood. Clean blood for your body, means clean blood for your skin. A natural cleanser!

No unnatural, processed food

Candy, soda and other processed food and beverages: do you know what they contain exactly? Fact is, barely anyone knows. Often they are stuffed with unnatural and unnecessary ingredients that only disturb the balance within your body. Skip all unnatural and processed foods in the detox week. 

Did you know that most tampons, pads and liners contain lots of unnatural ingredients as well?

What's between my legs?

Vegan for a week

Yes, that’s right, vegan! Because no unnatural and processed foods, that is basically vegan. No meat, cheese and eggs: you will only be eating crop products for a week. You will notice you feel more energetic in no time. Also, you won’t be eating sugary foods and chocolate as they mostly contain livestock products. Only very dark chocolate is usually clean and it actually seems to be good for your mood. And of course, a good mood makes you shine as well. So: win-win!  

Don’t forget your beauty sleep

Sleeping performs miracles for your skin. You’ve probably noticed it before: a dull looking skin after a long night filled with cocktails. This may come as a surprise, but it is not only the alcohol that does that to your skin, it is mostly the sleep deprivation. So make sure you sleep a lot in your detox week. And you might as well use it as an excuse to go for a powernap during daytime.

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The results

If you last doing the above for a week, your zits will be mostly gone, you will feel super fit and there is a good change you will lose a couple of pounds as well. All that in just one week. So, there is definitely no need for you to ban all unhealthy foods out of your life. Luckily! Because let’s be honest: choosing between no zits or pizza and chocolate is pretty much mission impossible, right? But a least now you know what to do when you’re having another break-out… A healthy and natural detox for one week!

There are some foods that are likely to prevent break-outs when you eat them. Curious? Keep an eye out for the next article written by Marloes on TORNADEAUX Magazine!

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