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Traveling a lot, means taking hard decisions as a shoe addict all the time: ‘which shoes should I take this time?!’ The struggle is real… But not for long! Molinis makes your life a whole lot easier: you could give one pair of heels a dozen different looks with their shoe accessories. Amazing, right? You can shop them right away, with discount!

The idea behind Molinis

Years ago the founder of Molinis, Esther Megens, had a thought: ‘how awesome would it be if you could shove something over you shoe, which changes the look comepletely?!’ With that idea, the concept of Molinis was born. A product like this was not on the market yet: years of product development followed, to make sure the end result would be mind blowing.

Spotted during Fashion Week

All those years of product development paid off: in 2014 Molinis was internationally launched and patented. And just one year after that, a few well-known models, like Ava Capra, were rocking the shoe accessories during Fashion Week in New York and Los Angeles!

Women on the go

Besides being real eye catchers on the catwalk, Molinis are also ideal for busy women on the go. Having options is always nice, but the weight of an extra pair of shoes isn’t. Problem solved, thanks to Molinis!

Even if you don’t travel that much, but you just like to wear classy high heels every day: Molinis are perfect. Give your (shoe) look an extra touch with fringes, an animal print or a bright color.

Shop with discount!

Your life as a girlboss should be as easy and fun as possible, that’s why you can shop Molinis with € 5,- discount! Bye to the struggle of deciding which heels to pack, and see you later boring pumps.

Discount code: tornadeaux

Schoen-accessoires fringe-jeans-blue-new - Molinis

SHARON FRINGE jeans blue

Molinis - € 46,90

Schoen-accessoires bw-stripes-aanzicht-1-new-Molinis

STRIPES black & white

Molinis - € 46,90

Schoen-accessoires fringe-grey-black-new-Molinis

SHARON FRINGE grey black

Molinis - € 46,90

Schoen-accessoire collari-ankle-black-aanzicht-1-webshop-new-Molinis


Molinis - € 34,90

More on

SHARON FRINGE bordeaux red

Molinis - € 46,90

Schoen-accessoires snake-grey-new-Molinis


Molinis - € 44,90

Schoen-asseccoire coachella-stardust-pumps-silver-Molinis


Molinis - € 44,90


Molinis - € 29,90


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