Long term relationship: how to fall all over in love again

Long term relationship: how to fall in love all over again

Most of the time when you are in a long term relationship for a while, you find yourselves in a daily grind at one point. You still think he/she is hot and everything, but you might not get that butterfly feeling anymore every time he walks in. Fair enough. But wouldn’t it be awesome if you guys would fall all over in love again? This short personal story and life hack from the editor in chief might do the trick!

My relationship

I am in a long term relationship with S. We met in the most romantic way: on Tinder. (Super lame! I know right…) Since we met through technology, we were wondering if we would have met if apps like Tinder didn’t exist. And if so, where would it be and would he try to hit on me or not?

We thought of places we could possibly have met and we only came up with: a festival (which is still not very likely, because I hate techno and S only goes to techno festivals). And yes, he would most certainly try to ask me out, especially when he saw my ass – so S said.

Falling in love again

You don’t need much for this trick to work its magic. Just go to a festival or other event together with your love and some friends. You know how the men and women in a group always split up at some point, right? That is what you need on this event as well. Or at least, you guys need to be apart for a little while.

At some point you will see each other again. And at that moment: act like you don’t know each other and let the magic work!

The play

S and I were apart for a while and this was what happened when we saw each other again:

S: Hey beautiful, what is a pretty girl like you doing here standing on your own?

I laughed and decided to act along with him.

Me: Hey, I lost all my friends and gave up the search. Just enjoying the music now.

We shook hands and introduced ourselves, followed by some small talk. Where are you from? How old are you? What degree are you pursing? Do you go often to festivals like this? And other questions like that followed. And then…

S: Do you have a boyfriend?
Me: Yes I do.
S: No way! Are you kidding me?
Me: *realizing I almost ruined our play* No just kidding, it’s just what I always tell boys to get rid of them haha.
S: Oh so I can stay! *trying to kiss me*

I decided to play the hard to get kind off girl…

Me: *turned the kiss down* I am sorry, I have to go and look for my friends.
S: You are not going to leave me without a kiss, are you?
Me: My kisses are precious, you really have to work harder to get one. I never kiss random guys at parties, I have to get to know you first.
S: Okay, lets get to know each other then. Can I have your number?
Me: *not able to resist him anymore* I want to be your girlfriend again!
S: *laughing* So… You are easy to get after all!

And then… We kissed and fell in love all over again!

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