Late much? Find out how to be on time from now on!

op tijd komen - nooit meer te laat komen - laatkomer - hoe je voortaan op tijd komt

Being fashionably late once or twice is one thing, but making a habit out of being late is not done. It is really unprofessional and it puts relationships with friends and family under pressure. Good chance you are already labeled as ‘that late girl’ among them, which comes with a lot of frustration. Being on time seems like a massive challenge to you, but anyways: it is time to say goodbye to this bad habit once and for all! Find yourself in one of the four personality types and get real about how your traits, moods and attitudes might have been the problem all along.

1 The procrastinator

‘I am better under lots of pressure’

We are all guilty of procrastinating, but as die-hard procastinator you do it all the time and in all situations. You avoid making choices and you wait to take action till the last minute: you convinced yourself that you are better under that last minute pressure. Yet, you are always late thanks to your never ending procrastinating behaviour. Oh and a fun fact: science proved that no one is really better under pressure, in fact most people perform even worse. So henceforth, that excuse is no longer valid!

The fix:
Handle things step by step. An important meeting in the morning? Plan your route a day before the appointment, so you know exactly when to take which bus. Figure out what to wear the evening before the meeting, so you avoid outfit stress in the morning. You could even prepare your breakfast before going to sleep. By preparing everything ahead of time, step by step, you will have more time left in the morning. Good(stressless)morning!

2 The underestimator 

‘This will just take a minute…’

You have all the right intentions as an underestimator, but a horrible sense of time. It is like you are living in your own world, in which time as it is does not exist. You always have a hard time estimating how long things take, like taking a shower, doing your makeup and having breakfast. It literally happens to you every day: it seems like it is just impossible for you to be on time.

The fix:
Escape your own world and try to live in reality, by making time your own. Pick a situation that you are regularly late on and carefully study yourself doing it three times in order to find out why you are late. Then skip the ‘unimportant’ things, like drinking a cup of tea, in your routine and postpone some things, like polishing your nails, to other moments. That way more time remains and even you will be on time from then on.

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3 The busy bee

‘I am so busy, there are just not enough hours in a day’

You, as a busy bee, always do everything for everyone, without thinking enough about your own needs. You run from one place to another to make it to meetings and to fulfill all the tasks, but keeping up with everything is almost impossible: you are late everywhere you go. You enjoy to be needed by others, but at the same time you often feel overwhelmed and feel like you don’t have time for things you like to do anymore.

The fix:
It is important for you to say ‘no’ more often. You pretty much say ‘yes’ to everything, with people that keep asking you to do things and you keep forgetting about yourself as a result. Take a step back and explain why you say ‘no’. Your friends and family will not mind you saying ‘no’, since they like to be around the most fun and relaxed version of you. Even when you are asked to do an extra task at work you just can not handle at that moment, explain in a professional way why and you boss will understand and respect it.

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4 The commitment phobe

‘I can not promise I will be there…’

You, as a commitment-phobe, hate to make concrete plans because you are afraid to miss out on something even better at that same time: the fear of missing out. You only make plans concrete when you are in the mood for it – this means you make last minute decisions, causing you to be late all the time. Besides that you are late, your indecisiveness is really inconvenient to people around you. They never really know if they can count on you or not.

The fix:
Communicate and stick to the plan. It might feel empowering to be the flake, like the whole world revolves around you, but it is selfish and frustrating to the people around you. Try to see it from their point of view: they simply want to hang out with you… Stop stringing them along and be up-front about your intentions instead. Are you not really sure whether you want to go out for dinner on Saturday or not? Tell your friends you are not sure yet and that they should make plans without you.

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