How NOT to react when fired or rejected


One thing is for sure: being rejected in any way sucks! Being fired, rejected by the school you have always been dreaming of, or being dumped by your bf… OUCH! It feels like everything falls apart and your heart breaks in a thousand pieces. Emotions all over the place, and yet you have to deal with the whole situation. Most important thing is to always take the high road, no matter what. To make sure you will: a few don’ts when you’re dealing with a rejection.

Yelling and swearing

A rejection can make you feel incredibly powerless. That feeling makes it so tempting to just scream and swear until you feel better. It is alright to react like that, but only if you are a hundred percent sure you are alone. Going craycray in public is not done. Nothing will be solved by screaming at your boss, in front of the whole office. You will just embarrass yourself and ruin your reputation. And trust us: putting up a show like that will hunt you longer than you could imagine in this digital age. Leave the building with pride!

Take to the Internet to complain or talk shit

It might be super tempting to put all your frustration out in the open, for example in a hate post on Facebook. Keep it together, you will regret that for sure! Talking bad about other people doesn’t look good on anyone, and especially not when you do it sneaky from behind your computer. It is cowardly and everything but classy… Besides, people have a lot of friends on Facebook nowadays. Chances are you have a couple on your friend list whom you’ve totally forgotten about. Oops! Just keep yourself from doing it.

Sometimes a rejection is not even half that bad. See what taking more risks could do for you >>

Have someone stand up for you

Trying to get your former coworkers to take your site, have one of your parents call or send your boyfriend to talk: oh hell no! That leaves nothing but a super unprofessional, even childish, impression. It’s not like you have to accept the rejection without doing anything about it, but have the guts to stand up for yourself. Get them to sit down with you for a minute and tell them why you find the rejection undeserved.

Threaten to sue when fired

Nah, that’s never a good idea… Nine out of ten times the threat is just a bunch of empty words and the person you threatening will not take you seriously. If you really think you have a legitimate reason, talk to a lawyer before you do or say anything. Because everything you say – or shout – could be used against you eventually.

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