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Are you a jewelry freak? If so, you are about to lose it! Ende Collective is a jewelry brand that creates some extremely unique pieces. They offer mind-blowing designs you have probably never seen before, as well as essential pieces you’ll never want to take off. Besides creating art, the brand wants to inspire and motivate you to explore your creativity and to live a more passionate life. How about you get off to a flying start by rocking a fabulous Ende Collective piece?

How the idea of Ende Collective was born

Ende Collective was launched in September 2016 by artist and metal smith, Krista Gambrel. Back in the day, while Krista studied Spatial Arts, she got inspired by a story about a women named Ende: one of the first female artists to sign her art work in the tenth century. Krista remembers getting goosebumps when she heard the story – ‘The thought of being the first of anything in the world fascinated me. That day, I wrote down in my iPhone Notes app, if I ever own a company I’m going to name it after Ende. I think I had a desire to be as badass as her one day.’

Jewelry you have never seen before

All pieces Ende Collective offers are hundred percent hand crafted – they are made out of sterling silver, gold, or bronze and imbued with a special meaning. Ende Collective jewelry is fine art quality, fashionable, and inspiring. The ENDE 2017 line, launched today, was designed to be minimalistic but versatile. Some pieces provide opportunities for the wearer to choose how they fashion the jewelry. There are options to change and modify the jewelry from day to day and this transcendent approach is an extension of the beliefs that Gambrel has about the human condition. But if you’re not big on outstanding jewelry and like to keep it simple, Ende Collective has got your back: they also offer pieces that are more subtle in shape. The aesthetic message though is all the same: very architectural and minimalistic and not to mention quality. The jewelry is made to last multiple lifetimes.

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Message behind the jewelry

Not only the jewelry is amazing, so is the message behind the pieces: ‘our jewelry is worn as a symbol to remind people to push passed the mundane benchmarks society has set for us and to recognize our individual ability to influence the world positively.’ Ende Collective wants you to get inspired to be your most powerful and best self, living a passionate life. A wonderful message we totally back up!

Empowerment of women

Besides creating amazing jewelry, Ende Collective includes another strong message: empowering women. ‘Creating opportunities for women in business, the arts, and through collaboration is really important, because it will reshape the concept of interconnectivity and help to build a stronger culture based on leveraging the strengths of individuals rather than their weaknesses.’

Ende Collective on Instagram: @endecollective
Krista Gambrel on Instagram: @mskristagambrel


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