DIY honey lip scrub for dry lips


Dead skin, chapped and cracked lips? Yup, it’s officially winter. As the seasons change and the cold takes hold of your lips, you find yourself looking for the various elusive Chapsticks you bought last year. Dreading the endless application of the alcohol-based mixtures, you might want to toss them all in the bin and go with this natural beauty tip instead: the DIY honey lip scrub. This scrub will leave you with the smoothest and softest lips. Better yet, there’s a great chance you have the ingredients lying around in the kitchen!


Many DIY recipes require ingredients you have never heard of, let alone know where to purchase. Not in this case! Here’s the list:
– Olive Oil
– Sugar
– Honey
You’ll also need a dish and a tablespoon to make the end product.


Start with a tablespoon of honey. Add a dash of olive oil and mix the two ingredients together into a smooth mixture. Lastly, add a tablespoon of sugar. Mix it up and you’re good to go: your self-made lip scrub is a reality! You can leave your masterpiece in the dish for use. Alternatively, you can transfer it to a tube or a little jar for easier use.


Gently rub the lip scrub on your lips. Let it get soaked up for two minutes to achieve optimal results. Rinse the scrub off of your lips with warm water and pat them dry. After scrubbing, the dead cells will vanish and your lips will be velvety smooth. You can use the scrub as often as you like. Pucker up, honey!

Honey is good for your lips, but also for your skin inside and out!

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Originally written by Sanne, translated by Morraya

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