Your vagina is vulnerable: be aware of what you use between your legs


Awkward… Talking about your lady flower and what happens monthly down there. Menstruation, and everything that comes with it, is a subject that not many of us talk about easily. However, it is necessary to ditch the shame, because things are about to go south! Do you know what your pads and tampons are made from? Your answer is most likely ‘no’. Get yourself prepared for the revelation: the facts straightened out and a solution that Yoni offers.

The revelation

Always figured your pads and tampons were made from cotton? Wrong! It is mostly made from synthetic materials, even plastic sometimes. When it is made from cotton, it is not necessarily a good thing. Cotton is the most heavily pesticide sprayed crop, and whatever is sprayed onto those cotton plants can end up in the cotton itself. Chemicals around one of the most absorbent parts of your body? Not a good idea!

The effects of the ingredients

Those unnatural materials and wandering chemicals are likely to irritate your vagina. Super annoying, when it itches down there! The search for soothing ointments or a visiting your doctor seems the most logic thing to do. However, ointments from the drugstore tend to make the itchy situation even worse, and what the doctor gives you helps only temporary. You might want to go for a organic solution, to make sure the irritation stays far away. Yoni makes choosing for organic super easy!

No nonsense around your vagina

‘Rethink your period’ – that is what the founders of Yoni want every woman to do. There is no doubt that you are doing it right now, since you just found out what you actually are using between your legs every month. You might even feel slightly panicked: ‘you alright down there?’ If you choose consciously from now on, you will be just fine. And choosing consciously, that is what Yoni makes possible. They make their products from just organic cotton, and list every ingredient on the box. Say ‘no!’ to plastic or other nonsense around your vagina, with Yoni.


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