‘There for ambitious women who are passionate about becoming successful’


TORNADEAUX Magazine is there for ambitious women who are passionate about becoming successful. Have you always been dreaming about designer clothes, traveling around the world or a big villa in paradise? And are you ready to chase those dreams and look fabulous while at it? As a girlboss you came to the exact right place: consider us your guide through life!

Our mission

Our mission? Helping you discover and define your dreams and goals, and making your ambitious life more efficient and more fun while you are chasing after them! There will be a fresh portion of life hacks, motivation and inspiration up on TORNADEAUX Magazine weekly: so you will be able to get closer to a passionate, creative and successful life & career one life hack at a time.

Life, career and more…

Besides inspiring success stories, an overload of life hacks and the ultimate guide to success, we also provide for a whole lot of fashion and beauty related content. Because every lady on her way to the top wants to look good while she is at it, right?

Style over fashion

Oh and just so you know: we don’t believe in trends and rules within the world of fashion, but in style. What is hot or not, is totally up to you to decide. However, inspiration is always a treat which we are more than happy to provide for. As for the rest: you do you, girlfriend!

TORNADEAUX Magazine is an initiative by Sanne van der Ploeg


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