7x why lash extensions make your life easier

7x waarom wimperextensions je leven makkelijker maken

Good morning and hello small tired eyes… So annoying waking up like that, right?! If you want to get rid of them, the solution is actually quite easy: lash extensions! They do not only give you expressive eyes, they provide for lots of other positives. Still not convinced after seven reasons? Check out the result after I, the editor in chief, got lash extensions.  


Lash extensions make you life so much easier and more fun! Here is why:

  1. You wake up with super fleeky lashes: bye small tired eyes in the morning! #Iwokeuplikethis
  2. Getting ready in the morning takes less time, so that means you can sleep in a little longer every day.
  3. Walking around in the rain like a soaked panda is history (at least the panda part: you’ll still be soaked to the skin).
  4. Minutes long rubbing and trying to get that waterproof mascara off, you can wave that struggle goodbye as well.
  5. You feel beautiful, so automatically more confident with those irresistible lashes: it gives you the courage to handle presentations and important meetings like a real girlboss!
  6. Besides, full and long lashes are super sexy. Trying to get your crush to notice you? Easypeasy!
  7. Suddenly you get tons of compliments about your (lash)looks, so much fun!


Time for some proof! I, the editor in chief, recently got lash extensions for the first time at Studio Nina van Veluw. I found the results mind blowing, and I still do every morning when I look in the mirror.

My lashes look super pretty and natural. Besides the fact it saves me so much time in the morning, my whole makeup look looks better thanks to the lash extensions. And I’m not the only one who noticed: I still get so many compliments!

Before - after. Results lash extensions

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