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Good chance you grew up being taught not to take too many risks. You learned that finishing your degree and finding a steady job is a must. To work your whole career for a boss, just to be able to pay the bills: nothing wrong with that though challenging or exciting is different, right? If you are done with that safe (and perhaps boring) lifestyle, it’s time to take more risks!

1 By taking risks you make room for new opportunities

Unfortunately, opportunities don’t just drop out of the sky… You have to be brave enough to take risks, to create opportunities for yourself. If you don’t, you will be stuck in your daily routine. If you choose to blaze a trail, opportunities you could never even dream about will come your way.

2 By taking risks you are ahead of others

To be stubborn and go right where everyone goes left, that’s how we roll! The mainstream will stumble upon the same things, but you don’t. This difference gives you an advantage: you’ll stand out of the crowd and get opportunities the others will only dream about. Life serves the risk takers!

3 By taking risks you become a stronger person

There is a chance of a negative outcome when you take a risk, and you know that. You find yourself in a vulnerable place, because there you might have to take the hit. Scary! Yes, but after the fall back you’ll still be alive, right? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Think of the failure like an important life lesson, which will help you to a positive outcome the next time


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