2 Styles RiRi rocks like no other

2 styles RiRi rocks like no other

She goes from dope ass urban looks and super classy skirt suits, to pretty-pretty in pink dresses. Rihanna is one of the world’s most stylish women. Good thing her style is so diverse: no matter what your style is, peeking at RiRi for some style inspiration is always an option! She does have two obvious sides though: the bad gal and the girlboss.

Bad gal RiRi

Even though Rihanna rocks every style like a boss, her favorite style is obvious: the urban edgy looks. Her styling contains lots of layers, oversized items and skin. Rihanna loves to spice things up by showing some of her body. She finalizes her outfits with statement jewelry, bold makeup and other edgy details. We absolutely love it: you go bad gal RiRi!

Girlboss RiRi

Besides a badass, Rihanna is also a real girlboss. The singer and fashion designer attends one important event after the other, and she always shows up in style. Most of the times in a gorgeous dress, sometimes in a classy skirt suit, and always with diamonds and a large dose of confidence. #slay!


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