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How to: dip-dye your lips

Lipstick gives that extra touch to your outfit, which totally makes (or breaks) your look. You probably mostly use just a lip liner and one shade of lipstick for your lips, which is really pretty. But let me introduce you to another level of wearing lipstick: dip-dyed lips. I bet you’ll love it! Dip-dyed lips […]

Review | Wunderbrow

Brows on fleek, that’s what we girls all want right? I have been struggling finding a good product to use to shape and color my eyebrows properly. That was until I started using the eyebrow gel from Wunderbrow. Wunderbrow is a product from Wunder2, distributed by BeautysNederland. On the website it says the product is transproof, budgetproof […]

Black peel-off mask

What’s better than a mask after a busy day? I got off early today from work and I was craving for some relaxation. Luckily I still needed to try out the Black Peel-Off Mask from Biovène I bought a little while ago. A great mask, fresh mint tea and mango.. What else does a girl need?  […]

Killer Lashes

I’ve got pretty long eyelashes myself, but always when I wear eyeliner, eyeshadow and everything I wish I had even longer lashes to make my eyes more expressive. I’ve been looking for a mascara which provide this effect for a while, but never found it until now. Call it magic, but this mascara set really […]