How to: dip-dye your lips

TORNADEAUX - Beauty| How to: dip-dye your lips

Lipstick gives that extra touch to your outfit, which totally makes (or breaks) your look. You probably mostly use just a lip liner and one shade of lipstick for your lips, which is really pretty. But let me introduce you to another level of wearing lipstick: dip-dyed lips. I bet you’ll love it!

Dip-dyed lips

Personally, I’m obsessed with dip-dyed lips lately. Basically, this is where your lip colour fades from dark to light. It gives some kind of extra dimension to your whole look, as far as I see. It looks fierce af!

Products I use

  • Foundation: L’Oréal Paris – True Match 4.N Beige
  • Lip liner: MAC Cosmetics – Brown Sugar
  • Lipsticks:
    Dark brown: MAC Cosmetics – Antique Velvet
    Light brown: Rimmel London Exaggerate – Charisma
    Beige/rose: Makeup Revolution – The One

Create the lip look

Step 1: I start by covering my lips in a slim layer of foundation, as a replacement for primer. This makes sure your lipstick will last longer.

TORNADEAUX - Beauty| How to: dip-dye your lips

Step 2: Then I use the lip liner, Brown Sugar, to outline my lips. Outlining your lips make them instantly look fuller and defined. I build up my Cupid’s bow slightly, so my lips look even fuller than they actually are. Don’t exaggerate it, because that will make your lips look really unnatural. The goal is just to make them look a slightly fuller.

TORNADEAUX - Beauty| How to: dip-dye your lips

Step 3: After the lip liner, I use the light brown lipstick, Charisma, to fill in my lips. The difference between these colours is huge and it doesn’t look smooth at all.

TORNADEAUX - Beauty| How to: dip-dye your lips

Step 4: That’s where the dark brown, Antique Velvet, comes in: I use it to blend the line of the lip liner inwards. The shade complements the lip liner, this makes the transition to the light brown shade look smooth.

TORNADEAUX - Beauty| How to: dip-dye your lips

Step 5: To add even more drama to the look, use a really light shade (or concealer) for the inner part of your lower lip: va-va-voom! For this extra light touch, I used The One.

TORNADEAUX - Beauty| How to: dip-dye your lips

Every colour works

Are you more into bold colors? Or do you like colors less outstanding? This look pretty much work with all colors of your choice. My advice: get your fave lipstick and find shades that are either lighter or darker than the colour of your lipstick. No chance you won’t like the dip-dye based on your favorite colour, right?

TORNADEAUX - Beauty| How to: dip-dye your lips

Do you love dip-dyed lips as much as I do?


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